JBLM Military Offer the Sport of Touch

On September 9th 2018, Tacoma’s Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) Military Rugby community held a touch tournament to promote the sport within its community that members and families could participate in to improve health, fitness and tactical thinking well aligned to the military mindset. The tournament promoter and local rugby enthusiast, Nick Punimata, orchestrated the tournament, inviting the local rugby clubs Saracens and Ronin to participate.  Seattle-based Emerald City Touch supported the event with a team and referees to promote the international game under F.I.T rules.

The tournament is held across two weekends with senior commanders attending the September 16th event to review the sport and its benefits. Nick hopes to see interest grow within JBLM and other military bases.

JBLM is holding touch clinics in the upcoming weeks to grow understanding of the sport with its members, further develop skills, and opportunities for players.

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  • Keel Charles jr

    Hello, my name is Sgt Charles jr. I was inquiring about information on the start of the next season for rugby, when and where tryouts are, and a POC for a couple soldiers I have that are interested, one male and one female. My phone number is 615-495-2505, thank you.

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