2019 USA Touch Men’s 40’s Squad

Congratulations to the following players who have been selected¬† to the final squad for the USA Touch Men’s 40’s.¬† These players will represent the United States at the FIT World Cup in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.¬† The event will run from April 29th through May 4th, 2019.

Aaron ThompsonLife West
Ben KellyNew York Touch
Bill EarlyAustin Touch
Billy TilsonSeattle Touch
Dennis DevineNew York Touch
Gary BrownLife West
Greg WilkinsonSan Diego Waves
Hal NewtonPortland Hunters
Jono PinderNew York Touch
Malcolm GoonetilekeSan Francisco Touch
Martin BaxterOrlando Touch
Martin SherzingerNew York Touch
Mike FlexmanLife West
Nate FeketePortland Hunters
Paul AyersMaplewood Touch
Winiata ShortlandLife West
Jeff Woods - AlternateGalaxy San Diego
Chris McBride - AlternateSan Diego Waves
John Dwyer - AlternateLife West
Barry Weiss - AlternateSeattle Touch
Riyaz Zavahir - AlternateLos Angeles Royals
Tim Smith - AlternateLife West
Tim O'Hara - Head CoachGalaxy San Diego

5 thoughts on ““2019 USA Touch Men’s 40’s Squad”

  • Eldre Angel Olwagen

    Congrats guys! U all earned this honors to represent us in this awesome sport and country!
    Special shout out to My buds Paul Ayers & Martin Baxter (Representing Florida) !!!

  • Martin Baxter

    It is both an honor and a responsibility to represent your country. So it is up to all of us to spend the next 6 months seeking out and grafting at ways, to take our own and our collective game to a level that afterwards, will leave us feeling there was nothing more any of us could have done. We can get old another year and tell our stories then. Very proud to be among you.

  • Rhonda Sykes

    Congrats guys – specially to Aaron Thompson Life West – Ive watched you play rugby league and touch from such a young age, you were amazing player back then so it doesnt surprise me to see you name on the US Touch team Im so excited for you and your whanau Well Done – Kia Kaha – Just dont be to hard on NZ ok.

  • Robert M Howley

    Cograts to Paul Ayers of Maplewood Touch Rugby. He came to us via South Africa. I am still playing at 63 and can keep pace with good hands and skills. I learned that from my late rugby coach Alan Whelan. I was with him in Dublin in August of 1975. I also met the Welsh Rob Howley in Cardiff, Wales in 1999 Go Team USA. I know some of you guys.

    Rob Howley

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