Florida Touch Open 2019 Results

The Florida Touch Open was a GREAT tournament with an excellent social this year! 7 teams registered, and Orlando provided two teams again.

Atlanta was stung by last years defeat in the finals and worked hard to beat Orlando A this year! Unfortunately, Orlando had lost a few young, fast players but have managed to retain all the older, slower guys!

Steve Claydon managed the referee pool, and that went well this year with referee assignments and load management. It’s awesome to see the focus we have on making sure we have certified referees that are working to officiate the game in all of our areas.

We did recruit some new talent, but Gabriela (Gabby) Suarez is headed to her freshman year at West Point. (She is a great player and leader who is enthusiastic about Touch. She will be quite busy but would be an excellent ambassador for the sport if there are some opportunities for her.) We told her to get up a team there, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she actually did!

Our club looks forward to hosting the FTO next year and hope to have more teams come. We will get started earlier and hopefully will be able to post the event on the USA Rugby website.

We are looking forward to pushing this event in 2019 by hosting some coaching and referee education courses. The timing seems to work really good for this event over the Memorial Day weekend. Thanks to all who attended and we welcome everyone next year.

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