2019 World Cup Squads

With the competition growing each and every year, we have pushed our cycle time out and have named initial men’s and women’s squads in preparation for the 2019 FIT World Cup in Kuala Lumpur. ¬†We would like to recognize the following athletes who make up those squads:

Men’s Open

Jerram Hill
Lincoln Little
Fraser Quarterman
CJ Dentu-Nkrumah
Joshua Sowa
Shae Mutu
Thomas Ralph
Kevin Tracey
Jordan Lontine
Brodie McNabb
Enosh Griffin
Hayden Harris
Tahuahi Berryman
Will Hefner
Alex Taefu
Noah Diaz-Cowell
Robbie Bennett
Euroy Smith
Tamir Taylor
Steve Kavallaris
Kyle Willebrands
Chris Calero
Matt Walsh
Wei An Lee
Charles Sanderson
Erik Mendoza
Talo Fetu’u’aho
Thomas Blez-Lopez
Nicholas Cutrell
Dave Stringer
Jono Milne
Morgan Shelver
John Tait
Tyson Blanch
Simon Low
Richard MacDonald
Andre Van Der Merwe
Yucca Reinecke
Trieu Dang
Eric Yi
Sean Balaban
Calem Corley
Will Wart
Austin Beckett
Christian Gilbert
Mickey Bateman
Michael Baska

Women’s Open

Katherine Fitzgerald
Valentina Arena
Christina Manzi
Georgie Mosman
Tara Menon
Emily White
Rachel Jacqueline
Sophie Law
Annie Morton
Melissa Orellana
Alison Taylor
Hilary Burson
Lisa Finegan
Zarima Greco
Amelia Bryre
Tilly O’Dell
Irene Gardner
Emily Malkin
Peggy Allen
Lauren Rhode
Laura Milanez
Alice Sommerville
Liz Strohecker
Leanna Corpus
Hunter Griendling
Danielle Miano
Tia Blythe
Mandy Wilson
Kyla Roth
Kristy Blue
Skye Howard
Molly Luft
San Juanita Moreno
Zoe Wilson
Valeska Hoath
Austyn Byassee
Robin Woods
Bethany Bergholm
Claire Lundy
Kaitlin Sigado
Phoenix Common
Marley Lopez
Laura Edwards
Kerri Edwards
Abby Gustaitis
Meganne Atkins
Tracy King
Kate Benedit
JJ Viljoen
Florence Lo
Amy Hsu
Irene Wu

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