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TEMPE, Ariz – We are excited to announce the appointment of Kaitlin Sigado as the USA Touch Youth Development Coordinator.  Kaitlin has recently been working with Rugby Oregon in their youth development programs.  After starting to play rugby at Arizona State University, Kaitlin moved to Portland where she joined the ORSU Women’s Premier League and Sevens teams playing in the top women’s competitions in the country.  Her experience as manager of both of those squads bodes well for the responsibilities of this new role.

We have tasked Kaitlin with our first major role of this new position by planning and organizing touring teams to the FIT Youth Touch World Cup in Kuala Lumpur in August of 2018.  USA Touch will take both U18 girls and boys to this event where we will compete at the world level against the best Touch teams in the game.  We have a call to interest for touch players ages 16-18 who are interested in making this tour and representing our country.

Inside this role, Kaitlin will be working with Nathan Murray and Molly Luft who will  coach our U18 squads at the FIT Junior Touch World Cup in Malaysia in August of 2018.  Nathan and Molly will take the head roles of the boys and girls, respectively.  Under the direction of USA Touch HP General Manager, JD Stephenson, both coaches will have access to the USA Rugby HP pathway with Stephenson leading the synergies between both game development structures.

Nathan is a native of New Zealand where he grew up playing in the Waikato Chiefs area from the early age of 8.  Nathan has played representative rugby for Waikato Senior B and Western Australia through his playing career.  His Touch experience started in the largest module in Hamilton in 1992.  As a founding member of Tumeke Touch, Nathan has since moved on to found the Touch Rugby Association in Portland, Oregon where they won the very first Youth Championship inside of USA Touch at the 2017 National Championships.

Molly was a collegiate soccer player at Lehigh University before being introduced to the sport of Touch.  She has been a key member of the Portland Hunters Touch club for several years, winning a mixed open championship in 2013 and the women’s open championship in the 2017 event.  Molly was also a member of the USA Touch mixed open team that competed at the 2015 Touch World Cup in Australia.



2 thoughts on ““USA Touch Youth Development”

  • Ann Maroni

    Are there any Touch summer sessions for Youth anywhere in the US? If so where and when? There are so many Anwrican and international girl players of all ages in Singapore that would welcome a summer camp.

  • Ray Ostrowski

    I have started to play this in my High School physical education classes and wanted to see what resources USA Touch may have to help support/promote this activity. If you have anything that may be able to assist please let me know.

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