USA Touch Nationals & International Club Open 2019

8:00 am

October 10, 2019


October 13, 2019

USA Touch Nationals & International Club Open

Chula Vista, California, USA

October 10th – 13th, 2019


This tournament is sanctioned by the Federation of International Touch

USA Touch hosts the International Club Open in conjunction with its annual USA Touch National Championships at the Elite Athlete Training Center in Chula Vista, California –

The tournament is inviting international club teams from FIT member nations to compete in the International Open.

It is exciting to continue our event for 2019 to Southern California.  SoCal as a destination offers world-class beaches, fun & exciting theme parks and some of the most exciting cities in the world.  With travel options for any budget or interest, SoCal and the surrounding areas is a destination dream for any traveler. After the success of Chula Vista and its world-class sports and training facilities in 2018, it shows the popularity of the destination.

Stay tuned to this page for up to date information surrounding the event.

Quick To-Do’s to Play

This is a checklist of actions all teams must complete. Further details are available in the sections below.

  1. Register your club with USAR here, and your club players registered here.
  2. Request an invitation for your club from USAT: form
  3. Payments can be made when you receive your invitation. This will include team registration payment, referee payment, lodging payment, and team rosters; all are available from our store.
  4. Each player must complete an online facility waiver and an online USAT waiver.

When Will the Tournament be Held?

Teams are encouraged to arrive at one of the many SoCal airports (LAX, SAN, ONT, SNA, LGB) on the Wednesday, 9th of October 2019. The USA Touch Nationals are to be played over three complete days of competition from Thursday, 10th of October, finishing on Saturday, the 12th. The International Club Open is also played over the same competition days and will add an extra day on Sunday, the 13th against the USA Touch World Cup squads. The high school competition will be held on the 11th and 12th of October only.

Who is Invited?

Any team affiliated with the National Touch Association or the Federation of International Touch, are welcome to attend. All USA Touch members must adhere to the USA Touch Player Eligibility requirements to compete for a USA Touch division.

What Divisions are Available for Competition?

The following divisions are available for competition:

  • Men’s Open
  • Women’s Open
  • Mixed Open
  • Men’s Over 35
  • College
  • High School

There must be a minimum of 4 teams in each division for competition. All competition is to be complete on the 14th of October.

How Many Players Can Play in a Team?

As per FIT guidelines, a maximum of 16 players can register per team for the entire duration of the tournament. Only 14 are eligible to play in each game. The minimum required to start a game will be required, but it is suggested that a team have at least 12 registered players per team.

Referee Requirements

Each team will be required to bring a non-playing, full-time referee. If a team cannot provide a referee, they must remit a $700 fee instead; this goes towards the incurred referee costs. Referee fees are due by the close of regular registration on Aug 15.

High School teams have a reduced referee fee; details forthcoming.

If a referee is registered to attend but pulls out after close of registration, an additional 50% fee of $350 will be levied against the team if a replacement cannot be provided. If a team pays a referee fee on time, but later is able to provide a referee before registration closes, their referee fee will be refunded.

Payment instructions to follow.

What is the format?

It is expected that all games will be full 20-minute halves. Teams will play a minimum of 3 games per day for qualification rounds. It is expected that the International division will include games against USA teams on the Sunday schedule of the tournament. USA Touch reserves the right to change the duration or number of the games to a format of its choice depending on draw necessities.

Tournament Schedule

The full schedule will begin on Thursday morning, October 10th, at around 8am. The finalized draw will be released in early October.

How Much Does it Cost to Enter the Tournament?

  • Early-bird per team registration is $1400USD if received by July 15, 2019 CLOSED
  • Regular per team registration is $1500USD and is due August 15, 2019
  • Late per team registration (received after August 15, 2019) will incur a late fee of $200USD, for a total of $1700USD
  • High School division is $400USD registration.

All entries are due by September 15, 2019 – entries after this date are at the sole discretion of the organizers.

Payment instructions to follow.

Lodging Requirements

This event is a Stay-to-Play event. Staying at the venue provides the most convenience, comfort, and recovery options, and works towards supporting the event. Teams may stay off-site and must pay a fee to support the cost of the event otherwise included in staying at the venue.

Youth teams are exempt from any lodging requirements and do not have to pay an off-site lodging fee.

Stay-at-the-Venue Option

The onsite lodging is at the Elite Athlete Training Center. Note that all accommodation for this option will include all meals at the dining room on-site with unlimited use of this facility. Unlimited meals are provided during core breakfast, lunch, and dinner hours; outside of those times; there is always a limited menu available.
Transportation between the facility and the airport will be arranged via a bus service traveling from San Diego International Airport (SAN) to this facility on Wednesday, Oct 10th and from the facility on the morning of Sunday, Oct 13th.
The cost per player, per night, is $145USD. Each room requires 4 people. A room is described as 4 bedroom spaces connected to bathrooms and the common living area; they are generally 2 room with 2 singles each, but this varies. There are several facilities available to on-site athletes, including 3 meals a day, grab-and-go snacks, walking distance to fields, wifi, free laundry, weight room, and a games room. As the former named Olympic Training Center, it is made for athletes and teams staying together and bonding together. Being on-site and a short walk to the fields and dining room, this opportunity is the ideal sporting experience

Please contact with your list of players to start the booking process for this option. You must include the number of spaces you are reserving, and be prepared to pay a 50% deposit. The total sum will be due by Sep 15. Failing to complete a payment on time may result in a forfeiture of your reservations or deposit, based on circumstance. For example, you could reach out with “We’re bring 16 men’s players and 14 women’s players and 3 spectators, so 33 spaces total at $145 x 4 nights x 33 spaces = $19,140, for which we’re prepared to pay a 50% deposit.”

Stay-Off-site Option

If you are unable to stay at the Chula Vista facility or wish to book elsewhere, you may remit a fee per-team of $1,000 to USAT; this is to help pay for the facility because the on-site bookings work towards the facility costs.
Payment details to follow. We are currently pursuing deals with local venues, so if the on-site venue is full, stay tuned for additional options.

  1. Holiday Inn Express & Suites San Diego – Otay Mesa is providing discounts to USAT teams. To get the USA Touch group rate, use this link, or call them and ask for the USA Touch group rate.
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