How to Register Clubs

USA Clubs

Through our partnership with USA Rugby, all clubs must be registered via the portal by a team manager at

You can also check your club’s status at the USAR Public Rosters page.

To register a new club, a team manager must fill out the USA Rugby form here. Some requirements for the form:

  • For “Please enter your New Club’s Union, Collegiate Conference or State Rugby Organization”, enter “USA Touch”
  • For “Gender”, choose “co-ed (youth non-contact)”
  • For “New Club Level, choose “Senior”

USA Rugby will confirm with the primary contact when the club has been successfully registered, and send payment information to the primary contact directly.

Note the following requirements to complete club creation:

  • The club must have a current, paid registration with USA Rugby. This is $161.50 per year, renewed annually in September.
  • The club must have 9 registered players.
  • The club must have a current, registered L100 coach. To become a L100 coach:
    1. Register as a USAT player for your club, following How to Register Players
    2. Visit the USAR coaching resource center and scroll to the Level 100 box.
    3. Complete “Concussion Awareness for the General Public”
    4. Complete “Safe Sport”
    5. Complete “Rugby Ready”
    6. Email the completed certificates to

If some of the above are not complete, the club will show in a “pending” state at the USAR Public Rosters page, or for managers.

Questions and updates should go to

Touring Clubs

Non-USA clubs interested in participating in USAT events must coordinate with their home unions; they do not have to register as a USA club like above. Please reach out to for details.

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