Affiliate Clubs

The following affiliate clubs have current USAT memberships.

Registration Date
Club Name
Club Contact
21 Feb 2019Austin Touch Rugby ClubSteve Watt
10 May 2019Chicago Touch Rugby ClubNathaniel Hultgren
9 Feb 2019Los Angeles Touch Rugby ClubFraser Quarterman
22 Mar 2019Maplewood Touch Rugby ClubJeremy Woolf
3 Apr 2019New York Touch Rugby ClubWei An Lee
26 Mar 2019Orlando Touch Rugby ClubChuck Brandon
27 Jan 2019Phoenix Rise Touch RugbyOttley Jay Hawea
20 Feb 2019Portland Touch Rugby ClubKaitlin Sigado
18 Feb 2019San Diego Waves Touch Rugby ClubGreg Wilkinson
14 Jun 2019San Francisco Touch Rugby ClubChris Davidson
16 May 2019Vipers AcademyWiniata Shortland
9 Jul 2019Westlake Touch RugbyBen Dorrell
25 Feb 2019Wharton Women's Rugby TouchArpita Guha
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