Avoiding PayPal Fees

Avoiding Fees

You may be able to avoid PayPal service fees by sending a payment directly through PayPal’s “Send Money to Family and Friends” option instead of using the buttons above. It is your (the payee’s) responsibility to clearly communicate what item you are paying for and the beneficiary (which club). You must clearly indicate this information in the note field of the payment.

If you use this method and charge USAT fees, your payment will be refunded and you will not be considered to have paid. You can try again and be sure to select “Send Money to Family and Friends” to avoid fees.

  1. Log in to your paypal account. 
  2. Click “Send and Request” from the top menu, and make sure you’re on the “Send” tab.
  3. Enter “payments@usatouch.org” as the payee (“Send money to”).
  4. Enter the amount (see the product list above).
  5. Select “Sending to a friend” below (may have to hit the “change” button).
  6. In the “Add a note” field, clearly indicate who you are, what item you’re purchasing, and the beneficiary. For example, if you’re purchasing a club registration for Kansas City Touch, list “Club registration, Kansas City Touch”
  7. Complete the rest of the transaction using PayPal’s instructions.

International Fees

The above instructions help you avoid service fees; they do not avoid international transaction fees. If you’re using a foreign bank account with PayPal, you will have to pay international transaction fees no matter what.

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